Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Untitled] by ME! <-- working title of my life

So the winds are shifting and I think the world may actually be spinning in the other direction.  You ever have those moments in life where EVERYTHING seems to be going in the wrong direction all of a sudden.  But luckily, my life doesn't really fall into that particular category of life disasters.   This is more of a, “CRAP! Did I just step into a wad of very-berry-bubblegum in my favorite lucky pair of pumps?!  UGH!”

So overall, things, as they say, could be worse.  Especially if discarded bubblegum super-gluing me to the heat-like-the-sun pavement is really my worst worries (metaphorically speaking).  But without going into specifics of my life, lets just say I’ve had some major league curveballs thrown my way and its gonna take some serious focus and determination to get through what’s up ahead with my pride intact and with minimal random acts of desperation. (For those who can’t hear it, this is my being overly melodramatic.) 

Writing has definitely gone a long way in keeping me sane during the more trying events in my life, ever since high school where it always felt like there was just something not quite normal in the sense of what is considered normal in high school is never really normal.  Reading and writing were always something that brought me comfort when I was younger and still does to this very day.

But lately I've been sensing this incredible build up of “Bellyfire” inside of me.  This insatiable need to work harder and to keep pushing more than ever to get the job done and get this book finished.  It’s like my life won’t feel right or balanced until I finally can say its finished and finally start the querying process to (hopefully) land a Rockstar-Super-Ninja Agent.  I’ve been digging deep the past few months trying to write the most kick-butt query letter that’s ever been written.  But I will admit, the querying and synopsis aspect of submission is probably my least favorite part of all this.  The whole process of having to condense a story that has torn me in two’s three’s and four’s for the past couple years into a couple of tight compact paragraphs is almost like asking me to commit self-torture on myself.  Yet here I am, eagerly anticipating finally having the perfect words to say when the moment comes to present my baby to the world of publishing.

Recently, I have received quite a few questions about what sort of YA fiction do I write?  So I’ll be adding a very VERY short FAQ page in the near future to answer some of the more common questions I’ve been asked regarding my writing.  It’s sort of odd, when I actually tell people I write fiction they get this sort of wild glint in their eyes and suddenly I’ve become this sort of odd entity to them.  But believe me there’s nothing glamorous or glitzy about writing, or more specifically, what “I” do in particular. 

But I’m hoping that won’t always be the case.

As for something really interesting…here’s a bit of fun news! (At least, its fun to me.)  A friend of mine has been selected to do a Texas Multi Mamas reality show on WEtv.  Suz is the one with the QUADS!!! Yes, FOUR toddlers! Ah! I fully suggest checking out her fabulous blog Steece's Pieces!  If that's not cool, I don’t know what is!  

But if you have something really exciting you’d like to share I would love to hear it.  But until next time, keep it clean peeps and happy reading!!!

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