Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got Music?

I’m definitely a writer who needs a source of outside energy flowing around her in order to sustain an adequate outpouring of creative juices to get results.  For me music is one of the biggest components to my writing process.  There’s just something about finding the perfect song that can literally help me connect to a scene or sync me into the mind of a character I’m writing or help in beefing up to some gut-punching dialogue.  Its about the connection and synergy you generate to find that perfect median in character building, plot arranging or just deciding on the perfect setting of a scene.  Often for me, it depends on my mood and the direction the story takes.  The darker a character is or gradually becomes as the story progresses the more my music selection begins to evolve and naturally drifts with the flow of the story. 

I would say that I am as much a music junkie for good writing music as I am for seeing and collecting movies.  Which is saying a lot if you know me and know of my movie obsession and excessive movie collection.

Always in search of good music, I’m always open to taking suggestions if you have them to offer.   Having the perfect playlist come together while I'm writing simply helps me to take things to a whole new level.  Not saying this is always the case for all writers, but in my particular case it greatly helps.  So here’s a sample of one of the playlists I’ve made and have listened to in the process of writing Book #1 of my YA series, THE CREED.

1.  Massive Attack - Teardrop

2.  Aqualung  - Strange & Beautiful

3.  Massive Attack - Angel

4.  Lykke Li - Possibility

5.  Sia - Breathe

6.  Flyleaf – All Around Me

7.  A Perfect Circle – Passive

8.  The Cranberries – Zombies (ok, I really like The Cranberries, may see a lot of them)

9.  The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

10.  Jimmy Eat World – Get It Faster

11.  Flyleaf – Fully Alive

And for kicks and giggles here's a taste of where I'm at musically and mentally this morning.  Enjoy!

Survivor "Eye of the Tiger"

Happy Reading!

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