Monday, June 27, 2011

My Kurt Vonnegut Challenge

As most of you know I'm not only a YA fiction writer, I'm also a YA fiction reader.  My hubby on the other hand is a big non-fiction reader and if and when the mood strikes him to read anything of fiction, it’s usually something of the sci-fi genre.  But ever since college he's been a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan, but over the last year he's been on a serious Vonnegut kick, reading book after book written by the renowned Mr. Vonnegut. And so what's led me to write this post, is the somewhat galled astonishment my husband has expressed toward me at the fact that I've never read anything written by Vonnegut.

And being that I've always thought of myself as an open minded sort of reader, and after years of pressing from my husband, I've decided to take on my husband's Vonnegut challenge and read one of his works.  And as luck would have it, our personal library is filled with Vonnegut books (thanks to my hubby's collector sensibility).  But an idea I had to help make this challenge a little more interesting is that I've decided to allow all of you, my readers, to help me decide which book to read first. (Plus, I'm really awful at making decisions.)  So to all you Vonnegut fans and readers I'm especially interested in hearing from you.

Here are the titles I have to choose from in my hubby's Vonnegut Collection.

1. A Man Without A Country
2. Armageddon In Retrospect
3. Timequake
4. Breakfast of Champions
5. Cat's Cradle
6. Player Piano
7. Deadeye Dick
8. God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian
9. Slaughterhouse-Five
10. The Sirens of Titan
11. Welcome to the Monkey House
12. Mother Night

So tell me, what do you suggest?  Post your vote in the comment section below or you can tweet me your vote to @BlaireKensley.  I'll do a special post Saturday, July 2nd, revealing which book the voters decided I should read for my Vonnegut Challenge.  

YAY! This should be fun. Right?

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  1. Go for the Player Piano. I haven't read it, but we had one growing up, and it was major FUN!!!