Monday, June 13, 2011

THE CREED - Character Inspiration

I love having a face to put to my characters.  Just because it always seems to give more life to the story as I’m writing it.  While some writers prefer to allow their readers to experience and build characters in their own mind, I’m of mind to do something different.  And since this is my blog and its my story…I WANT TO SHARE! 

Here's a little summary of Book 1 of my series, THE CREED...

Ava Cormac was born different, extraordinary even—something she’s always sort of suspected—but what she’ll soon discover following her eighteenth birthday is that being extraordinary is not only a social nightmare (especially when you’re eighteen), but is also dangerous and at its worst very deadly.

For Ava the stories of angels and fallen were always nothing more than bedtime stories told to her and her sister, Sam, as little girls. But the world she knows soon begins to interweave with a world she once believed to only exist in bedtime stories and the pages of ancient texts.  Yet the deeper Ava falls into the seductive world inhabited by the beautifully dark fallen—meeting the mysterious and celestially alluring, Seth—the more the lines between good and evil begin to blur.  Especially when it’s revealed that not only is Ava a marked descendant of one of the most powerful lines of the secret hybrid race of fallen and humans, known as the Nephilim.  But that the powers of her ancestors runs through her veins and she alone may possess the key that can unlock the fate of all mankind and fallen in the world.   

The main character of my story, Ava is eighteen-years-old and on the verge of embarking on a dark journey into a world she’d before only believed to have existed in stories…that is until it becomes a very real part of her life.

So over time, as the story has progressed and the characters have become more alive to me I’ve come to visualize Ava, as the beautiful and talented Zoe Kravitz.

I recently got a glimpse of Zoe in action in the latest X-Men First Class film and not only was it excellent but so was the talented Zoe.  

And as for the alluring Seth...I think Garrett Hedlund definitely leads the list of males to take on the edgy role of my semi-dark hero. 

So these are the faces that traverse my mind on a daily basis while I work and pour my blood and sweat into getting Book 1 of my series completed.  I have to say, I think I keep very nice mental company, don't you?

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