Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE ORIGIN REPORT is now available!

It's here, it's here! It's really FINALLY what-took-you-so-goshdarn-long-you-slacker-of-a-writer HERE!!! 

That's right! Book one of my Origin series THE ORIGIN REPORT is now up and running on Amazon. *screams* So, *ahem* please rock on over to Amazon and get in on some of this author's DEBUT action. *wink wink* And while you're at it...tell a family member, tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell your imaginary friend and their neighbor to go grab their copy TODAY!

 I simply can't express how crazy-nauseous-nervous-excited I am to finally be at this moment. But I am here and this is only the beginning...

The year is 2083…six years since the global outbreak of the Strip-Virus.

After the deadly virus spread across the planet, leaving mankind inescapably on the verge of extinction, a new world leadership, the Intelligence Alliance, rose to power with one sole mission in mind…the survival and preservation of the human race.

When physician, Dr. William Carland, citizen of District 6-149; is contacted by a man from a past he can’t remember, he'll soon discover that some truths are far from reality and some realities are in fact the real cover up.

 THE ORIGIN REPORT is now available on Amazon.

** Print copies coming soon!