Friday, April 29, 2011

Hi World! It's me Blaire!

And so the journey begins…

This past year has definitely been one for the records when it comes to my writing.  But more importantly it’s been a year of re-evaluating goals, setting new ones, and also a major push for me to solidify my ambitions of becoming an actual working author. 

But who knows?! Especially when I actually love my day job…

But being that I’m actually more inclined to write about my feelings, thoughts, and ideas rather than actually talk about them with family, friends and/or some random stranger on the street (yes, this has actually been known to happen on occasion) I’ve decided to start a blog.

In general, this blog will be my public diary of the ups and downs of my writing experience, as well as reveal the more challenging and exciting aspects of becoming a published writer.  I know the road may be (and has been) a long winding one, but I am excited to begin this new phase/chapter of my life and am looking forward to whatever the future holds.

So here’s to the ups, downs, challenges