Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Edit. Revise. Repeat.

I often hear writers talk about how much they love the editing process, about how revising and making those needed adjustments only makes them fall deeper in love with their manuscript, as they then proceed to gush and carry on about how amazing and brilliant their characters are.  Now I'm not knocking these writers, so please don't take my snarky tone as's not. Really. It's more like purely concentrated envy, because when I sit down to do edits and revisions, my never fail response after a reasonable amount of time spent scanning line after line of my attempts at writing is...


Now if you can't tell, I am clearly not one of those writers who delves into this process with rose tinted glasses.  One main reason being that I am thoroughly and fully aware that my first drafts & usually second drafts are complete literary garbage.  Sometimes I think of it as witnessing a trapeze artist trying to perform brain surgery and then afterward sitting back and asking myself, why did I just do that to myself?

Often in those moment I sort of see my aspirations to write and become published as me living in a Michael Scott moment and this just a bad idea?

Of course I snap out it and breath a sigh of relief when I realize that 1) I am not Michael Scott and my life is not a spoofy comedy sitcom & 2) I'm no where near as off the wall as this guy.

So to say that the editing process typically leaves me stressed, frustrated, chronically depressed, and somewhat borderline bipolar would be a very accurate description of me during my edit process.   

So why does she even write?! You may be asking yourself.

Well...because I love it.  (And yes, I'm a masochist.)

But even with the not-so-pleasant aspects of edits and revisions, there is something completely freeing and ME in the desire to use words to express my thoughts, feelings, dreams, and over active imagination that ultimately makes all the stress, unwashed dishes, unfolded laundry, missed meals and nights of interrupted sleep when an idea hits me, all worth it to me.

Now know that I am not claiming nor am hinting that I am the standard writer that all writing and processes should be measured by.  Pffffffft! Not by a long shot.  And to be quite honest I don't think there are set rules or standards in this business that can be used to gain or measure success based on whether your writing style or another authors writing style will guarantee the results you seek.  Writing is basically one of those it-is-what-you-make-it sort of things.

So I'm curious to know, what are your experiences when it comes to the writing or the edit/revision process?

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AUTHOR ALERT: Elizabeth Miles

So today's AUTHOR ALERT is particularly special, because not only am I talking about a GREAT writer, but I'm also in the midst of celebrating, since today is the coming out of our author of the hour, Elizabeth Miles and her debut novel FURY! YAY!!! *fist pumps* & *high fives* for all!  So to start off I want to send Elizabeth a huge congratulations and a woot woot! for such a major accomplishment. You did it!

But not only does this writer, well, write, she is also an experienced performer within the performing arts world in Portland, Maine. I know, suh-weet! If you'd like to learn more you can read about Elizabeth in her bio.

Now one of the things I love most about her book besides the engaging plot is this gorgeous cover.  Such vibrant colors with an almost eerie yet magical appeal. I mean just look at it! *sigh* I love redheads.

"FURY" by Elizabeth Miles
It’s winter break in Ascension, Maine. The snow is falling and everything looks pristine and peaceful. But not all is as it seems...
Between cozy traditions and parties with her friends, Emily loves the holidays. And this year’s even better--the guy she’s been into for months is finally noticing her. But Em knows if she starts things with him, there’s no turning back. Because his girlfriend is Em’s best friend.

On the other side of town, Chase is having problems of his own. The stress of his home life is starting to take its toll, and his social life is unraveling. But that’s nothing compared to what’s really haunting him. Chase has done something cruel...something the perfect guy he pretends to be would never do. And it’s only a matter of time before he’s exposed. 

In Ascension, mistakes can be deadly. And three girls—three beautiful, mysterious girls—are here to choose who will pay.

FURY is the first book of this sensually haunting series and you can now purchase your copy at your nearest bookstore as well as on your Kindle and/or Nook.  Reviewers are raving about FURY, the debut novel of Ms. Miles series as being...

"Achingly gorgeous. Fury seduced me." - Lauren Kate, New York Times Bestselling author of Fallen

For more information you can visit The Fury Series site by clicking here. You can also follow Elizabeth & her other shenanigans on twitter (@MilesBooks), facebook & on her blog at

Go BUY your copy of FURY today!!!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Friday, August 26, 2011


And the news just keeps on coming...Part 2 of today’s BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY!!!

I want to send some mad love to Angeline Kace on the release of her DEBUT novel DESCENDED BY BLOOD now available on Amazon, B&N and The Book Depository for paperback (FREE International Shipping).


Brooke Keller is a high school junior who has never spent much time living in one place. She is finally in a town long enough to almost snag the boy of her dreams, until her life is threatened after killing a fanged man in his attempt to kidnap her. Brooke begins a dangerous journey in an effort to find out who is after her and how to stop them. Thrown into a world with powerful and prejudiced vampires, Brooke must tap into the side of her that she never knew existed at the risk of losing her life in order to save it.
The DESCENDED BY BLOOD blog tour will run Aug. 26, 2011 to Sept 30, 2011. Visit Angeline’s site at GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

Couldn't resist this...I also wanted to say how much I absolutely love Eve Marie Mont’s revealed book cover for her debut novel A BREATH OF EYRE due to release Spring 2012.  Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite classic romances.  Looking forward to this book!  Visit Eve at

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


You ALL know what time it's BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY!!! And boy do I have some pretty sweet news to share.  So let's do this!

Big News:

Author extraordinaire Jackson Pearce has released her latest novel SWEETLY an interesting spin on the tale "Hansel & Gretel" that is being called not just "A Retelling - A Beautiful Reconstruction".  SWEETLY is the companion novel to SISTERS RED.  So if you haven't already, grab your copies and check out Jackson on twitter (@JacksonPearce) & visit her site

I am so excited for and happy to introduce to you the delightful Australian YA author Rhiannon Hart as she nears the debut of her YA fantasy novel BLOOD SONG, the first book of her LHARMEL Series.  BLOOD SONG is published by Random House Australia to be released September 1st in Australia and New Zealand! YAY Rhiannon!  For those overseas, you can pre-order BLOOD SONG (with free-shipping) from Fish Pond World. Visit Rhiannon's blog at FREAKING LOVE THIS COVER!

And if you haven't already you should definitely check out author Michael R. Hicks's  and his exciting thriller sci-fi series SEASON OF THE HARVEST and IN HER NAME especially if you've been searching out an exciting read.  I suggesting picking up a FREE copy of IN HER NAME: EMPIRE available on Amazon, Nook and Smashwords.  To learn more about Michael and his action packed series, visit his NEW website at

And I just couldn't resist giving another warm debut congrats to Gretchen McNeil and the release of her novel POSSESS! A definite 5-star read and getting smashing reader reviews across the board.  So if you haven't picked it up a copy than you definitely should, especially if you're into dark, engaging, face paced bits of supernatural action.  Way to go Gretchen!

I hope you've all had a pleasant week and have a AWESOME weekend!

Happy Writing & Happy reading!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What gets ME in the mood?

Now I’m sure for many of you the answer to this question ranges from the absolutely boring and mundane all the way to the odd and slightly deranged.  Personally, I think I settle nicely somewhere in the middle and possible slightly to the left, because when I’m ready to gear myself in that mental mode to get down to business, I find that I need some serious stimulation to get the juices flowin’.

CREATIVE JUICES PEOPLE! After all, I am a writer.  So I present to you…

BLAIRE’S Top 5 Tips-And-Tricks For Getting In The Mood:

#1  I have to have my mood movie.  And that can vary from a romantic comedy (Sleepless In Seattle/You've Got Mail) (Yes, I’m a total sucker for team Hanks & Ryan), a action/thriller (The Da Vinci Code), paranormal horror (The Rite/Constantine), all the way to the down right weepy and sappy romance (Bridges of Madison County/Jane Eyre)...and basically anything Jane Austen (Yes, my husband suffers).

#2  I typically like to have on hand a little something to nibble on as well.  ALL brain foods of course, consisting of the usual brain food…candies, chocolates, popcorn, popsicles, mini country cones (so YUMMY), and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.  ALL completely necessary to my creative process as a writer.

#3  Reading, surprisingly enough also helps me to get in the mood to write. Though I’ll admit I tend to avoid this particular trick too much while I’m actually writing, but while in the edit revision mode, I often like to escape into another authors world to sort of release a bit of tension being felt while tweaking and molding my own manuscript.

#4  Now this may be an odd one, but since I like all of you so much I’ll go ahead and share this particular odd trick of mine. I LOVE to watch movie and book trailers.  I know it’s not really all that exciting but it’s definitely a trigger point for the creative part of my brain.  Which also may explain my YouTube obsession.

#5  I know I could never survive this process without a solid group of supporters and or family members (my hubby is usually the go to guru in these moments of crisis) who I can turn to when I feel the light starting to flicker out completely.  I’m someone who often has to talk her way through a particular scene or plot point that is giving me issues before eventually coming to some sort of solution or conclusion.  I’m pretty sure I would never have finished any novel if it weren’t for my backups!

And there you have it. My creative mojo wrapped in a blog.  I know it’s not exactly rocket science or universe shifting, but its not dry toast either. 

But now it’s your turn! Don't be shy, spill it. What are your tricks for getting in the mood?

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A VERY Special Birthday Wish to MY Special Someone

Today turns out to be a pretty special day & I wanted to send a special message out to my sweet husband, Nathan.  I love you very much and look forward to the MANY other birthdays we will celebrate together!



Hurrah! It’s Friday!

Yes, folks I survived yet another week of this abominable three-digit heat, as well as five solid days on the J-O-B.  But I'm pretty sure you didn't stop by to read more of me whining about the weather (again), or hear about my sweat induced wet-n-wild adventure during my hour long commute in 107 degree I right? You’re here to find out WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD?! Or at least what's going on in the little bit of space that I occupy on this planet and to hear news about some books and writers I'm currently really excited for and about.  So without further ado, I present...BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY!!! 

Yes, peeps this is a post dedicated to showing nothing but love to my fellow writers and to offer some of the good news YOU all have that I can share with others. Now...Ready. Set. GO!!!


To kick off this weeks #BNFF I am thrilled and honored to present the lovely and iridescent Gretchen McNeil!!! Gretchen's YA debut novel POSSESS is soon to be released on August 23rd! YAY! That's only four more days people! Squeeeeeee! I honestly can't tell you how truly excited I am about this book.  Naturally, as a writer of the dark and supernatural myself, Gretchen’s story just simply calls to me, and so I am incredibly anxious to get my hands on a copy to finally dig in.  So if you haven’t already, go and PRE-ORDER your copy now!  I HAVE!

This next author's book is receiving rave reviews as her book continues to climb the rankings of B&N and Amazon.  Terri Giuliano Long is the author of IN LEAH’S WAKE, which was awarded the 2011 Book Pick award and is being described by readers as “Stunning”, “Gripping” and a “Beautiful, thought provoking story”.  If you want to learn more about Terri and her work you can visit her blog by clicking here.   IN LEAH’S WAKE is now available on both Amazon and B&N.

I was lucky enough to stumble across the fabulous Fletcher Bell in the amazing world of twitter.  (Love #FF!) Fletcher is not only an author, he’s also a media researcher and PhD candidate, which is code for he can blow your mind without you even knowing it. I mean seriously, what more do you want? His novel THREE IN A ROW is now available on Amazon and Smashwords. PICK UP YOUR COPY TODAY! 

Now I simply couldn’t resist giving a MAJOR shout out to this gorgeous rising star writer who has inspired me in ways she'll probably never know.  The beautiful and talented Tara Hudson is an attorney by trade but a brilliant up and coming author that I am anxious to see the world embrace in the very near future.  Tara's debuting novel HEREAFTER is a gripping and deliciously evocative story that explores the realm of afterlife and the possibility of finding love after death.  An engrossing read that I literally finished in one sitting, this first book of her trilogy definitely earned a 5-star rating in my book. A MUST READ!!!  Go pick up your copy of HEREAFTER available on Amazon and B&N.


Go to Gretchen McNeil for her debuting novel POSSESS! (Holy beegeezees!) And also to Raine Thomas for her debuting trilogy The Daughters of Saraqael. Check it out! 


The Daughters of Saraqael

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday...

Though I hate to say it, *sigh* I will admit I'm beginning to frizz a bit around the edges.  And the possibility of some serious R&R in the near future may not be such a bad idea.  To say that it’s been a busy month would probably be a slight understatement.  Not only has this entire month seemed to have flown by, but the entire SUMMER just sort of appeared and then vanished. Not to mention this never-ending heat wave we've been suffering through.

But honestly, where did the time go?  Apparently not into a closet where I could take it out and use it at my own personal leisure.

So this past week has been quite eventful on the writer front.  I've made some serious progress in getting my manuscript wrapped up, with only the minimum of hiccups.  I started and posted my very first BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAYS post, which featured writers Kiersten White, Tawna Fenske, Josephine Angelini, Michael R. Hicks, Natalie Whipple, J.C. Fiske, Chelsea Fine and Raine Thomas.  And due to all the positive responses I am definitely planning to make this a very regular theme post available each week to all of you.  Again, I really appreciated all the great positive feedback on this.

And also some even more exciting news is that I was recently asked to write a post for the World Away Book Blog (hosted by Carlyle Labuschagne) and am pleased to announce that it is now up and available to read on her site. I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback. 

And now I'm off to find a cold dark cave in which to hide away in...until Winter.

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Friday, August 12, 2011


So I woke up this morning and I felt as if all the energy and life force of the world had been poured into me during my sleep.  Yeah, talk about pumped up! Have you ever had one of those mornings? Or days? Or even weeks?   It’s one of the most incredible feelings ever and I HAD to share and express a little of the joy that's bubbling inside me with all of you.  So that being said, I wanted to dedicate this post to sharing the fantastic news and blessings of some of my favorite peeps/writer buds!  And have decided to try and do a weekly BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAYS (#BNFF) post each Friday, dedicated to sharing all of YOUR good news.  So just know, I WON'T apologize for the length of these blogs because I am in a groove and am totally loving the fact that I'm part of such a great community of inspiring and brilliant people.

And so I hope you enjoy this FANTASTIC song while I’ll happily share some of the wonderful news of some pretty AWESOME people!


If you haven’t already then you should 1) check out Tawna Fenske's blog (HILARIOUS stuff) and 2) go out and pick up her debut novel Making Waves! Now available on Amazon and Barnes & noble.  Come on...IT HAS PIRATES PEOPLE! Enough said.  But honestly, I found this book to be delightfully fun & a laugh out loud read from start to finish. Not to mention that I completely adore Tawna in all her wild and wacky glory.  Can you say 5 STARS!!! And also, its TAWNA’s birthday today so go shoot her a tweet at @tawnafenske!

HUGE News for Kiersten White! Her debut novel PARANORMALCY is gonna be made into a MOVIE! Hello! Can it really get any better than that?! Well maybe it could, there was also the awesome new release of the second book of her PARANORMALCY Trilogy, SUPERNATURALLY! Go pick them up NOW & congratulations Kiersten! You can check out more on Kiersten at her blog & see what other shenanigans she's up to.

*This is really exciting!* I’m so proud and happy to announce that my dear and wonderful friend Raine Thomas has released her ENTIRE series, yes I said ENTIRE series, The Daughter of Saraquel Trilogy.  Fantastic read, go get it!  Become entranced by the Estilorians & the daughters of Saraquel that is now available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble! Don't you just love these covers...I DO! Cover work was done by the fabulous Nimbi Design.

Book # 1 – Becoming

Book #2 – Central

Book# 3 – Foretold

A few weeks back I had also posted an AUTHOR ALERT blog on the beautiful and wonderful debuting author Chelsea Fine  (yes, in all her flowing goldilocks glory) and haven't regretted it one bit ever since.  Her debut novel Sophie & Carter is a delightful story of being young and finding love in a not-so-perfect world. If you haven't already, go pick it up! It available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

I wanted to also take this opportunity to send a HUGE congratulations to the brilliant writer, Michael R. Hicks, who is someone I have in many ways come to think of as a mentor. And who has very recently reached a huge milestone of officially reaching his goal of being a full-time author! Congratulations on such a major milestone, Mike! Mike has been creating worlds of fantasy for over a decade and his series IN HER NAME has received rave reviews across the board on Amazon.  Go check out Michael R. Hicks website as he shares his work and also his passion for helping others achieve their dreams as well

If you’re looking for a great Greek Mythology story to become completely addicted to than I suggest you check out Josephine Angelini site and her debut novel Starcrossed.  I picked it up & literally couldn’t put it down.  It is definitely a 5 Star WIN in my book!

I want to also send an especially happy and long awaited CONGRATULATIONS to Natalie Whipple on signing her very first book deal with HarperTeen for her debut novel TRANSPARENT. Woohoo! Her journey has been one of many ups and downs but she never gave up and had now finally prevailed. You can read more about Natalie’s inspiring story on her blog

And finally this guy was someone I was lucky enough to stumble across on twitter and have not regretted following him for one second.  His name is J.C. Fiske, he is a YA fantasy novelist, a comic book geek (so cute), whose debut novel RENEGADE: RISING is now available on Amazon.  Definitely go check out his site and get to know this new young up and coming writer.

Wow! So there you have first #BNFF!!! There was so much good news to spread, and I hope its contagious. If you have any exciting book news, or a site or an upcoming release date you want blasted out, just hit me up on twitter @BlaireKensley or email me at  I'd love to feature you in one of my BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAYS!  I hope everyone has a great day and I will catch you all on the flip side.

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Enjoy The Ride

How often do you allow yourself to just sit back and enjoy the ride?

I find many times I get so caught up in the business aspect of what it means to be a writer today, that I completely miss some of the enjoyment that comes with simply just being a writer, and enjoying the art of writing. 

Which is why I find it sad that sometimes something so fantastic can get so muddied by the expectations of what others tell us it means to be not just a writer, but a successful writer.  There’s a pressure to strive to be a huge success right at the start and sometimes we tend to want to cater to that expectation instead of just feeding the creative part of us that simply wants to be expressed.  For me, the writing process can either be a completely hellish and almost unbearable process or it can be the most releasing and freeing thing I can experience for myself.  But which writing experience I draw to myself really depends on my mentality when I sit down to write.  Am I writing simply for the pleasure of writing and giving our imagination freedom to explore and create? Or am I writing simply to please others?   

Now I’m not saying it's wrong to write to please others, because as writers we want to write stories that others enjoy want to read.  But I think we need to always be honest with ourselves and remain as true as we can to the art we practice, because I really do believe that there is something special and enlightening in embracing an art simply for the purpose of enjoying it.  Painting simply because you take pleasure in painting, or maybe singing, or playing an instrument, or any form of artistic expression that can bring joy to our lives if we choose to experience them in that way. 

So I’d really like to know, what are some things that YOU enjoy doing or pursuing simply because it makes you happy?

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life 101: With the PEANUTS Gang

Growing up a favorite pass time of mine was reading Charles M. Schulz’s PEANUTS comic strip, and watching The Charlie Brown Show.  Not only was it always-great entertainment, but there was always some meaningful lesson to be learned from the poor, despondent, “loveable loser” Charlie Brown, his diverse group of friends, and his trusty sidekick and spunky pet, Snoopy (who was always my personal favorite).

But now, reading the strips and watching the episodes it's almost sort of odd how I can totally relate, as both an adult and writer, with some of the common daily trials poor Charlie Brown and his friends seem to find himself fretting about in their lives.  The constant battle with the fear of feeling good enough, well liked, appreciated, wanted, admired, and just capable of obtaining success and being the best.   But I think one of the most important lessons we really take from the PEANUTS gang is the importance of keeping and surrounding ourselves with positive supportive friends.  Because despite ALL the obstacles and failures, Charlie Brown and his gang of misfits always pushed each other to never give up, to always keep trying, and to always strive to be the best version of themselves that they could be (whatever that may be) even in the face of possible failure, which in life is a VERY big lesson to learn early on.  But something else that always sort of inspired me, and I really enjoyed about the PEANUT stories, was there wild and sometimes completely outrageous scope of imagination.  From them I learned that it's okay to be open to the limitless possibilities of our dreams...and I haven't stopped dreaming ever since. 

So for those of you who actually read or watched the PEANUTS, I’m curious to know, which PEANUTS character are you?

Personally, I think the quirky and overly active imaginative SNOOPY is more my style. And because I'm sort of obsessed with clips and Youtube, here's one of my favorite peanut gang clips! You know, I really do believe that sometimes it's just good life therapy to cut loose and get caught up in the moment. Don't you?! 


Monday, August 1, 2011

It's AUGUST Y'all!!!

Holy muffins! It's AUGUST and it's been hotter than a tick on a dogs armpit around here (hehe, I've been dying to use that one), which has ultimately resulted in me feeling absolutely no motivation to get anything done but catch up on my napping for the last month.  I think I may have actually broke a few nap records along the way.  I know, I know...I'm awful.  But we’re currently at 38 straight days of 100+ temperatures with no reprieve in sight. Ugh.

But I digress...August is definitely my month, a big month actually, because August is my self-designated deadline month to complete all my edits and begin my query submissions. YAY!!! Yes, folks, my deadline month has arrived and I’m pushing myself to the limit on this one.  It’s almost a rush (I was always one of those people who did better under pressure).  Now if only I could convince everyday in the month of August not to present me with life sucking temperatures, then maybe this could be one exciting hunky-dory-dandy of a month! But despite the temps, my first day of August has been very productive and at this rate I'm thinking I might actually meet my goal earlier than anticipated. HURRAH! *fist pump*

So if it seems like I'm a little distracted and/or preoccupied, it's because I am and am wanting to squeeze in as much work time on my manuscript as possible.  But know that I haven’t forgotten any of you and can’t wait to finally share my work with all of you in the coming future.  So wish me luck & let the count down begin!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!