Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What gets ME in the mood?

Now I’m sure for many of you the answer to this question ranges from the absolutely boring and mundane all the way to the odd and slightly deranged.  Personally, I think I settle nicely somewhere in the middle and possible slightly to the left, because when I’m ready to gear myself in that mental mode to get down to business, I find that I need some serious stimulation to get the juices flowin’.

CREATIVE JUICES PEOPLE! After all, I am a writer.  So I present to you…

BLAIRE’S Top 5 Tips-And-Tricks For Getting In The Mood:

#1  I have to have my mood movie.  And that can vary from a romantic comedy (Sleepless In Seattle/You've Got Mail) (Yes, I’m a total sucker for team Hanks & Ryan), a action/thriller (The Da Vinci Code), paranormal horror (The Rite/Constantine), all the way to the down right weepy and sappy romance (Bridges of Madison County/Jane Eyre)...and basically anything Jane Austen (Yes, my husband suffers).

#2  I typically like to have on hand a little something to nibble on as well.  ALL brain foods of course, consisting of the usual brain food…candies, chocolates, popcorn, popsicles, mini country cones (so YUMMY), and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.  ALL completely necessary to my creative process as a writer.

#3  Reading, surprisingly enough also helps me to get in the mood to write. Though I’ll admit I tend to avoid this particular trick too much while I’m actually writing, but while in the edit revision mode, I often like to escape into another authors world to sort of release a bit of tension being felt while tweaking and molding my own manuscript.

#4  Now this may be an odd one, but since I like all of you so much I’ll go ahead and share this particular odd trick of mine. I LOVE to watch movie and book trailers.  I know it’s not really all that exciting but it’s definitely a trigger point for the creative part of my brain.  Which also may explain my YouTube obsession.

#5  I know I could never survive this process without a solid group of supporters and or family members (my hubby is usually the go to guru in these moments of crisis) who I can turn to when I feel the light starting to flicker out completely.  I’m someone who often has to talk her way through a particular scene or plot point that is giving me issues before eventually coming to some sort of solution or conclusion.  I’m pretty sure I would never have finished any novel if it weren’t for my backups!

And there you have it. My creative mojo wrapped in a blog.  I know it’s not exactly rocket science or universe shifting, but its not dry toast either. 

But now it’s your turn! Don't be shy, spill it. What are your tricks for getting in the mood?

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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