Monday, August 8, 2011

Life 101: With the PEANUTS Gang

Growing up a favorite pass time of mine was reading Charles M. Schulz’s PEANUTS comic strip, and watching The Charlie Brown Show.  Not only was it always-great entertainment, but there was always some meaningful lesson to be learned from the poor, despondent, “loveable loser” Charlie Brown, his diverse group of friends, and his trusty sidekick and spunky pet, Snoopy (who was always my personal favorite).

But now, reading the strips and watching the episodes it's almost sort of odd how I can totally relate, as both an adult and writer, with some of the common daily trials poor Charlie Brown and his friends seem to find himself fretting about in their lives.  The constant battle with the fear of feeling good enough, well liked, appreciated, wanted, admired, and just capable of obtaining success and being the best.   But I think one of the most important lessons we really take from the PEANUTS gang is the importance of keeping and surrounding ourselves with positive supportive friends.  Because despite ALL the obstacles and failures, Charlie Brown and his gang of misfits always pushed each other to never give up, to always keep trying, and to always strive to be the best version of themselves that they could be (whatever that may be) even in the face of possible failure, which in life is a VERY big lesson to learn early on.  But something else that always sort of inspired me, and I really enjoyed about the PEANUT stories, was there wild and sometimes completely outrageous scope of imagination.  From them I learned that it's okay to be open to the limitless possibilities of our dreams...and I haven't stopped dreaming ever since. 

So for those of you who actually read or watched the PEANUTS, I’m curious to know, which PEANUTS character are you?

Personally, I think the quirky and overly active imaginative SNOOPY is more my style. And because I'm sort of obsessed with clips and Youtube, here's one of my favorite peanut gang clips! You know, I really do believe that sometimes it's just good life therapy to cut loose and get caught up in the moment. Don't you?! 


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