Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AUTHOR ALERT: Chelsea Fine

So I love to share. Why? Because I'm a caring sharing fool that's why!  And with that being said, I couldn’t resist doing another AUTHOR ALERT post in order to introduce you all to a new “stalker” buddy of mine.  EVERYONE, I’d like you to meet Chelsea Fine.  

YAY! Isn't she just gorgeous?! And that hair...I mean, really? So unfair. *Sigh* So not only does she have fabulous hair, she's also sweet and an awesome up-and-coming YA romance & paranormal fiction writer.

Chelsea’s debut novel “Sophie & Carter” is already out & available on Amazon. (And I just love this cover!)

Here’s a back cover caption of SOPHIE & CARTER…

“Next-door neighbors Sophie Hartman and Carter Jax grow up witnessing the shameful secrets of each of their families and, amidst the heartache, form an unspoken bond of friendship.  But events during their senior year of high school will change both of them forever.  As their lives unravel, Sophie and Carter rely on one another for strength, encouragement and hope…and begin to realize their feelings for each other might just be deeper than friendship….”

Want more? Here’s a two chapter teaser to really wet your appetite...CLICK HERE!

I found SOPHIE & CARTER to be a sweet and touching bit of literary delight that I literally couldn't put down! GO GET IT! I'm really looking forward to reading more of this chica's future work.  (YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF CHELSEA!!!) If you want to know more go check out her site

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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