Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top 10 Ways To Survive During a Heat Wave

This has definitely been a summer for the records.  Well, not literal records (thank goodness), we’ve actually had worse.  Now you would think since I’ve lived my whole life with these kinds of conditions that I would be used to breathing air that feels like inhaling fire.  But you would be WRONG! And what’s worse is that this weather tends to lead to a serious case of the crabbies, and boy let me tell ya, my husband just LOOOOOVES those days.   

And I’m not even talking about the massive explosion that's occurred in my sweat glands with these hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun temperatures.  Ugh! Its absolutely disgusting…cold showers have become a definite MUST these days.  But seriously, when I say "crabbies" I’m talking MOOD SWINGS that surpass anything my typical PMS day could throw at me.  I'm talking about irritability, headaches, fatigue, nausea, bi-polar ups-and-downs…it’s like my husband has to live with a walking PMS nightmare for an entire season.

So I present to you BLAIRE’S…

Top 10 Ways To Survive During a Heat Wave

#10 – Christmas Music (Yes. Christmas music…it’s like December in July! :D)

 #9 – Breyer’s All Natural Pure Fruit Popsicles

 #8 – Fully functioning A/C unit (CANNOT live without my A/C.)

 #7 – My Kindle (fully loaded with all my favorite titles)

 #6 – My favorite Summer Wear: Summer Dresses (Love SOMA!!!)

 #5 – Take in a GREAT summer movie! :D


 #3 – A cool hangout place AWAY from the casa. Mine: B&N

 #2 – Game nights with friends!

And finally….

 #1 – Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Get the heck out of Dodge! Take a vacation, go some place nice and cool. Preferably where temperatures aren’t fry-you-alive hot, maybe a mountain resort, or a beach where you have large quantities and bodies of refreshingly cool water! 

Just try and avoid, if you can, becoming some BIG irritable sweat gland. (Hint: No one likes those.)  Okay, so I know this isn’t exactly a profound list, but alas, neither is my life. 

So how do you find & keep your HAPPY PLACE during a heat wave?

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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  1. Being in Florida, and though we are not in triple digits, I can totally relate. I think A/C is a must, though most of the day is survived with fans chez nous, because of how expensive electricity is nowadays LOL. Loads of ice cold water too and music.... anything really, as long as it makes me forget about the heat.

    Hope the weather cools down soon enough!!