Saturday, July 16, 2011

My FIRST Blog Interview!!!

I've FINALLY done it peeps! I'm now almost-kinda-maybe-sorta official. Squeeeeee! The talented and delightful Chelsea Fine, author of the amazing debut novel SOPHIE & CARTER, asked me if I'd be interested in doing a blog interview. And me being...well ME, my first instinctive reaction was to race to my bed and hide beneath the covers until the world forgot I was sucking back more than the average size bear worth of oxygen.

Is she crazy? Me? Interview? WTH do I have to say?!!

But then it hit me...I have plenty to say and then some. I don't just write for my own personal amusement (though some of the things I have written could be a definite top runner in the pee-yew awards & give some critic a good laugh during their lavotory reads).  I write because I'm a tad narcissistic and want the world to love the stories and characters I create in a crazed obsessively unnatural way, the way I do. Please love me?! Is that too much too ask? (I'm kidding, of course.)

I write because...WHY NOT?! I love what I do & I love to write. 

And you can learn more about what I do and my writing by checking out my interview now up on Chelsea Fine's blog! :) YAY! And if you can, please let me know what you think? I'll love you always. :D

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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