Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Back in the Saddle Again

So as some of you may or may not have noticed I was gone for a brief while, taking a mini SM reprieve.  And while on my reprieve was also lucky enough to have the chance to spend an eventful and jammed packed LONG weekend with the parentals.  So at this stage, I’m still somewhat in recovery mode from said extended weekend.  But am feeling pretty great and will be fully back into the swing of things by no later than tomorrow morning.  So don’t worry, there will be a new post coming soon (that is for those of you who were in fact curious about my brief drop off & who enjoy reading the gibberish I tend to write).

But yes, a it was great weekend, where not only was I allowed to be a spoiled child again, but was also off cooking duty, and was able to enjoy lots and lots of really good food that I didn't cook.  ALL fried of course (this is the South & it is my family), and so I’m sure I gained at least 10 pounds over the weekend.  But on top of the great food and entertainment, a good friend also celebrated a birthday, which is always kind of amazing and fun.  And to cap it all off I got to watch my baby brother play in the Texas HS All Star football game at the glitzy Cowboy Stadium and THEY WON! Which totally rocked my face off and made for a VERY suitable end to a fantastic weekend.

So, in celebration of my return and to give myself a much needed boost to go into August with the OOMPH that I so desperately need.  I dedicate this song to all my fellow writer peeps & hope this gets your blood pumping and fingers flying across the keyboard and/or that pen whisking across that paper!

Okay, so this may not be the most writing inspiring material & I may be SEVERELY aging myself here, BUT I still LOVE THIS SONG!!! :D

Bananarama - “Cruel Summer”

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


  1. Bananarama rocks. *coughs* Glad that you had such a fantastic time with the family. I love when we can go back home and be spoiled.

  2. Texas love to ya. GREAT to meet another talented Writer.

    Also? This song reminds of one Daniel Larusso checkin' out a young Elisabeth Shue. :}