Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Bit Of My Life Philosophy

I wouldn’t call myself a hard-line sort of person. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my convictions like most people.  Things that I believe in, things and/or people in my life that I could go as far as to say I’d be willing to give up my life for.  But I’m also a person who is open to listening, hearing and getting to the truth of the matter.

I think the fact that we’re here…sleeping, eating, walking around, screaming, laughing, scratching, and yapping about who knows what, and expelling random bodily sounds and smells at will, is thoroughly amazing.  I love life and I store great value in all living things.  

But before I can get to the meat of the matter and let you into my little world; I first need to introduce you to one of my ALL TIME favorite artists.  Now I may or may not have mentioned this in the past but I am a HUGE Seal fan. Why? You may ask...because he's BRILLIANT!! That's why.  And he expresses my views so well on writing, life, love and other shenanigans on this crazy planet of ours, in this song.  Love it. SO ENJOY! 

Seal "Get It Together" 
 (Sorry, video wouldn't post in the blog, but the link works!)

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!!!

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