Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

I wanted to send a special Happy Father's Day out to all you fathers out there. And to send an even more special Happy Father's Day wish to my own dad (aka. Diddy). Being a father, I can only imagine, is probably a tough gig to take on, whether you're a veteran in the game or a new father or about to become a new father. And as the years pass and more and more of my friends become parents it’s clear that there is something special in taking on the responsibility of another life.

Growing up, I have to admit, I feel like I really was one of the lucky ones to have had both my mom and dad in the home throughout my childhood. And to have experienced a pretty happy, typical childhood with your standard sibling rivalries and other childhood shenanigans (that our parents still don't know about...well...they may have a clue now). But I always felt secure in the fact that I knew we would always be taken care of and loved, no matter how many times we "accidentally" set the yard on fire. (Sorry, M & D!).

But my dad was, and still remains to be, one of the hardest working men that I love, admire and deeply respect. Raised simple, and one of nine children, in a small Texas town on a country farm (where I too was briefly raised shortly after entering this world).  He always strove to be a man of his word, of good standing and of honor.  And a man who felt a strong desire to instill those same values in his own children, along with a solid sense of morals and a hard work ethic that I still live by to this day and hope to pass on to my children someday. But more often then not he taught these principles by simply letting his actions lead and speak for themselves, working hard to prove that he was more than just a man who talked, but that he was a man who sought to practice what he preached.

Though at times when it seemed he was too tough or just seemed to push us when it felt like we couldn't go any further...its only in looking back that I realize how very powerful an impact he had not only on my life but the lives of so many others around him. Even now he has a way of seeing the world that sometimes leaves me speechless. He's a simple man who had a simple plan...and he achieved all the dreams he set for himself (and still strives to make and conquer more). He was a hard working God-fearing man, a dedicated father, a provider who welcomed all, a successful business man, and a husband to the quirky God-fearing woman he'd always dreamed of spending his life and raising his children with.  A true success story in my eyes.

He taught me that even though there are no guarantees in life and that life is sometimes simply hard (which he will tell you from experience). He also believed that there is no shame in failing if you truly tried and gave it your best. Because often when one door seems to be closing, its only because another one is ready to be opened.

BOTH my parents have always been two of my biggest supporters and fans in this journey of mine to achieve my life goals and dreams. Always there with a word of encouragement, I know that no matter what happens, they will still be there rooting for me through whatever adventure I take on next. So with that being you mama! And Diddy, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  Thank you for all you've done and sacrificed for me over the years and wish I could be there to celebrate this day with you!


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  1. I hope your Dad had a great day. He sounds like an amazing parent. We need more parents who encourage their children to follow their dreams, instead of putting them down.