Friday, June 3, 2011

Super Duper FRIDAY

I feel like I could move faster than a streak of lightening! Be more powerful than a locomotive! Leap tall buildings in a single bound…

ALL because it’s SUPER DUPER FRIDAY! (In my best EPIC galaxy narrator voice)

Yes folks.  Another week comes to an end and we are steam rolling into the fire pit of summer.  We’re already brushing shoulders and holding hands with nearly 100-degree weather and boy is it burnin’.  But the sun won’t be the only hot thing about this summer…because this summer will (in my opinion) prove to be one full of grand cinematic landmarks.  The last and final (thank goodness, I thought it would never end) Harry Potter film will be hitting theaters July 17th.  And honestly, I can’t wait to watch this story’s finale unfold on the big screen.  It’s predicted to be a display of epic proportions.  And I think I believe it.

And if some of you may not have concluded to this point from previous blogs…I’m a HUGE movie junkie.  I love movies!  It’s actually more like a really unhealthy obsession (I can admit it and say that it’s currently a work in progress).  But its not just movies, I’m talking about someone taking an idea or a story concept and turning it into a spectacular visual effect or a book that’s so well written the words literally jump off the page and come to life.  These are my version of crack! 

So if you didn’t know, now you know.

On the other side of the coin there is the NBA Finals that I’ve been following quite closely throughout the playoffs and its now down to the Heat and Mavs.  Now I know most people find this odd since I live in Dallas, but I am not a Mavs fan.  And I am most definitely not a Dirk fan.  So if we encounter each other on the street or at some random block party brawl DO NOT sing his praises to me.  I’m very aware of his stats (and other whatnot) but believe me when I say I will not budge on this issue. So that being said I’m moving on.  GO HEAT!

As far as my edits go, its still pretty much a slow and grueling process.  But I can see things getting better, and there is definitely the glimmer of a small night light at the end of the tunnel, so in the end it still feels worth all the effort and time put in.  But I find myself constantly getting hung up on, one after another, minor sentences and word phrasing and then not being able to move past them.  Thoroughly frustrating, but I guess I’ll need to bite the bullet at some point if I actually want to move forward in my edits.  So that’s one constant internal battle I’m facing on a daily basis, but my characters are really starting to flesh out in my brain and on the page, and that’s always a perk to this process.

So to tie up this week’s blogger fest on a good note, I’ll hand you lovely readers over into the musical hands of my man Frank!  Have a great weekend all and happy reading!!!

“Come Fly With Me”

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