Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Though I’ll admit this has been one of the toughest editing processes I’ve ever had, re-writes are actually coming along a lot better than expected at this point.  And I’m thinking, surprisingly enough, that I may just finish my edits before my deadline.  Which would be such a load off.   So as long as my characters keep behaving and not get any crazy ideas to deviate too much from my original draft then I imagine things will continue to flow smoothly along, causing me (more importantly) the least amount of pain and discomfort.  YAY!

At present things are starting to intensify quite a bit in round three of my editing.  I feel as if the story is actually starting to take me along for the ride more than the other way around.  But I’m really excited to finally be close enough to finishing this round of edits to be thinking about finally getting my manuscript into the hands of a few well trusted peeps for some much needed feedback.   I’m still incredibly nervous about the whole having others read my work, which is kind of a ridiculous feeling to have as a writer, but to me this is the equivalent of an actor or performer who suffers stage fright right before the big performance.  (It happens people!)  And while it does nearly scare the you-know-what out of me, I think I'm finally ready to take my writing to that next level.  After all, if not to take it to the next level, than what am I doing this for?

So I'll continue to tinker along, and of course keep you as informed as possible along the way, but until next time I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!  And if you get the chance to stop by your local bookstore, you should pop in to pickup a few of these great reads!  Happy Reading!


(Book 3 in the FALLEN series)

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