Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gotta Love Lazy Sundays

I would say this has been a record breaking lazy Sunday.  I took a six, count it, six hour nap today.  It was fantastic.  But this could also explain my not falling asleep before in the morning.  I hope this isn't a sign of me getting sick.  I'm hoping its simply my bodies response to this HOTTER THAN THE SUN heat we've been dealing with the past couple of weeks.  Heat + Fatigue = No energy, must nap.

So with a significant amount of lost time, I'm hoping to make up for lost time by doing two things at once by 1) getting some editing done &  2) watching the NBA Game 3 final between the Heat and Mavericks.  Not exactly productive strategy but I just have to watch the series...I just gotta!

So I’m pushing to get a nice chunk of editing done tonight.  Especially with a reasonably busy week planned up ahead.  I know I need to utilize my time as effectively as possible, and am hoping I can muster up some of that discipline I’ve heard so much about.  As mentioned before I’ve set up a deadline of August to get my edits completed but I definitely have to put a bit more gumption in my mojo if I intend to make this deadline.  I’m thinking a new workspace may be one answer to my dilemma.  My home space is so distracting, movies, cat, comfy couch to take long LONG naps on.  Yeah, change of work environment is definitely a good idea.  I should check out the Barnes & Noble nearby and setup shop there.  A change of environment could definitely be just what the doctor ordered to get some work done.

I’m shooting to get at least 2-3 chapters edited this week and need to get at least as many chapters edited to make my deadline.  So wish me luck and here’s to a productive week on the edit machine.  Happy Reading! And GO HEAT!!!

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