Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank goodness it's Friday! TGIF!!!

Yes people, it’s just been one of those days.  But I’m glad to say its almost over, and I have a whole weekend ahead of me with nothing planned but to maybe take in a movie, and have a nice big Saturday breakfast after sleeping in ridiculously late (which more or less means waking up at 7 AM instead of 5:30 or 6). Ugh. It’s like a disease, this waking up so ridiculously early.

But any who…

This post is more or less to wish everyone a HAPPY FRIDAY and a GREAT WEEKEND!!!  And if you haven’t already, go to your local bookstores and pickup up a copy of one of the fabulous new novels I wrote a fabulous post about earlier this week. ;-)

Oops! Now I did almost forget...there is one SUPER highlight in this weekend that I wanted to boast about.  The ultra fabulous Lauren Kate, author of the exciting FALLEN SERIES, will be having a book signing tonight at the Southlake Town Square's B&N in Southlake, TX @ 7 PM.  She is promoting Book #3 of her series, PASSION.  So if you're in the area, and have some time and are in search of a fabulous new series to read, then I suggest you pop on over and say “hello” to the iridescent Lauren Kate. 

Well, that’s about all I have.  I’m pooped.  But if I can manage to scrounge up the energy, or better yet, find my mojo (which I'm sure I lost somewhere in my sofa's cushions last night), then I’ll hopefully get a real post up sometime over the weekend.  But until then stay classy readers and keep it clean!

Happy Reading!

PS - Here's a little something to get you rockin' into your weekend!  LOVE IT!!!

Natasha Bedingfield "Strip Me"

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