Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time to Rock 'n' Roll

The evil green-eyed monster has definitely been lurking in the shadows of late. But I tell you now dear readers...I shall NOT be defeated by this traitorous writer undertaker nor will I go down without a fight.


That's write people! I'm here to take on the world, while the world is here to...well, probably just ignore me until its ready to acknowledge me (whenever that'll be). But I'm here and I'm feeling pretty fan-freakin-tastic and surprisingly very energized after what I can only describe as an odd but very reflective Tuesday.  I ended up being sent home early from work, and not for reasons you think, but due to the A/C unit in the entire building being completely on the fritz and apparently on strike.  Talk about HOT!  So four hours later after pulling out of my rin-tin-tin covered parking space I found myself back at home and not really in the mood to do anything productive so instead found myself watching sappy chick-flicks.

So now, after two great movies (which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way) I'm feeling pumped, rejuvenated and ready to kick the crap out of this story.  Let's do this!

Writer Warrior on the war path! And being that I'm in such an EPIC mood and love posting videos at random, I leave you with these INSPIRING WORDS. Seriously, if I had James Earls Jones proclaiming these words to me each time I sat down to write/edit/or revise, I'm (almost) positive I would be kicking writer's block butt and taking publisher houses' names daily. Boom.

Happy Reading!


  1. Haaaaa...awesome video! I think if I had James Earl Jones proclaiming anything to be I'd be motivated! LOL...Happy writing!

  2. That video just made me smile XD I wish I could have some James Earl Jones saying anything, even Luke, I'm your father XDD Or maybe David Tennant, the tenth doctor from Doctor Who *sighs* Happy writing!

  3. LOL! I loved this and love youtube! I think comedy & humor are one of the many sources I use to replenish my writer mojo.