Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WOW, you have very sexy feet!!!

(Hehe!) Now before anyone gets any wacky-tacky or disgusting ideas about this title...let me just say that there are no feet or foot-fetish paraphernalia jokes or innuendos flitting through this particular blog (though that statement may or may not-not hold true for future blogging purposes).  So yes, my title was purely a gimmick to lure you in...and, no, I'm not opposed to trickery to get you to read my blogs. :-D  

I know...ain't I a stinka! 

In any case, my Memorial Day weekend was a complete success! YAY! Love it when a plan doesn’t fall to complete chicken turds.  My baby brother’s graduation party was held this past weekend, and yes I was definitely feeling the decade gap that divides us while surrounded by all the youthful, pimply faced youngsters that were in attendance…but beyond my narcissistic insecurities, it was an amazing event with an amazing turnout.  My mom counted at one-point 140+ people in attendance.  All scattered about like ants in their driveway, lawn and other nook and cranny areas of the 2-acre property, all eating and nibbling on the most amazing food (BBQ, Tex-Mex, cobblers, cakes and pies).  Which ironically enough I ate none of due to some freakish appetite blurb that left me not wanting any of the delicious bounty set out before me.  So I manned the tables most of the night keeping the rapacious flies out of the potato salad and beans with my handy paper plate and dual-arm action ninja moves (it was seriously a workout).

But the DJ was amazing (making up for the bug issues I was experiencing).  And what’s a house party without flies and a DJ! 

So a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out!  You made the party a real success and one to be talked about for years to come.

On the writing front, I’ll admit I really didn’t accomplish much of anything over the weekend.  I did run out to pick up a copy of Josephine Angelini’s debut YA novel STARCROSSED, which I read in its entirety during one thoroughly enjoyable sitting and am actually re-reading it again. (Great book! Go buy it! Now.)  Oh you know…anything to keep me from working on my own book. Haha…ugh.  But today I fully intend to jump back on the edit machine and start plowing through this book so I can finally feel like I might actually get somewhere in this crazy cycle of writing.

But any who…

I’m officially now back on the old grind of my life, with work, home and the NBA Finale Series!!!  Yes, the FINALS are here!!! And I’m so happy to have survived the weekend with everything reasonable in tact, other than a loss of blood after it feels like I single handedly supplied the mosquito population in my parent’s neighborhood with food for the winter, I am feeling very refreshed (if not a little anemic) but ready to hit hard and be productive.

I will conquer this book if it kills me!!!  Ok, maybe killing won’t be necessary but I’m feeling ready to move on to the next stage of things even if I know I’m not in reality ready for said “next stage”.  But thinking of the moment, visualizing it, holding it in my mental embrace…it motivates me to keep plugging a way.  Reminding myself that there will be an end to this out there and (hopefully) a reward for work well done.  I hope. Maybe. We’ll see.

And with that being said, I will bring this mini-session to an end and hope everyone has a great start to their short workweek and keep it clean folks.

Happy Reading!

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