Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh. My. BLOG!!!

To offer a more contextually accurate premise by which to base this conversation on, I present Exhibit A. And will preface the start of this entry with…


Now, with that being said, I think I can actually remove myself from the situation, and hopefully laugh about this later, and wrap my brain around the fact that it’s ONLY Wednesday (and fight the urge to burst into tears because I’m barely half-out of this week).  And instead of dwelling on the recent past I have decided to jump right into my day and muster the chutzpah to survive this primed for disaster work shift. 

I’m generally a roll with the punches sort of gal and must admit that my heart is still pumping after my splendid execution of Operation Get-The-Heck-To-Work-On-Time this morning (it was pretty spectacular), which included some pretty stealth maneuvering on my part.  A two-stroke tooth (yes, tooth) brushing session, a drive-by minimal shlick-on armpit moment, a quick stop for spritzing (hopefully mask anything not briefly schlicked, stroked or brushed) before finally executing a impressive flying ninja move out the front door a mere seven minutes later.  That’s right people, seven minutes (that has to be a record somewhere). 

But honestly, I’m just glad I was in the frame of mind to fully clothe myself before peeling out the parking lot.  So, HURRAH!!! There will be no free breezing commando action going on under these garments today.

(WARNING: Please do not get too close or breath too deeply near said person. You might just regret it.)

Now for those who are actually concerned that my spritz-masking-undercarriage might have actually been canned for being late to work, bless your hearts, don’t worry…I did make it on time this morning, and even had a bit of spare time for the much needed mini-cry session I had at my desk while sending up a few HALLELUJAH’S & PRAISE HIM’s at the fact that I didn’t get pulled over for doing 80 down a heavily under construction highway this morning. Ti-he-he-he! 

ANY WHO! I hope everyone’s Wednesday has started off as exhilarating and heart thumping as my own, and who knows, this day may actually turn out to show some real promise later.  After all, its only 8:40 AM and I’d like to think that I’m pretty somewhat creative at times, and reasonably young to pull off almost anything (though this clock is definitely starting to toll like the bells of Notre Dame).  But nonetheless, I still have the whole day to really get this firework show going, and I am pretty positive I can find some shenanigans to get into before 5 PM.  You know, and really put some forethought into making this a day that’s truly worth purging from the memory of my wildly successful future self.

So wish me luck everyone!!! & HAPPY HUMP WEDNESDAY!!!

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