Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Staying Positive Is Key

I must confess that sometimes (or more times than I care to admit to at the moment) I find myself getting caught up in the utter disparity of the writing business, especially recently when I found myself perusing the NYT Bestsellers list and feeling completely inadequate.  And as this feeling of inadequacy grew I began to think of all the many great (and I mean truly great) writers that have written and published their literary masterpieces for the world to enjoy, but also about all the literary masterpieces that will never be available to the public or published, and will remain stored and saved in the desks, laptops and USB drives of their creator forever. 

On days like this when I find myself on Downer Island, population one, ME, I can’t help but think how completely off my rocker I must be to think I can join ranks of the published, let alone achieve something as grand as becoming a published NYT Bestseller author.

At times its almost as if I have to literally open up a vein and pour the very life out of me just to get the words out and onto the page.  While being very aware that there is still the excruciating process of editing still left to be done.  But mostly, its the frustration of knowing you have something you want to share with the world so badly but are unable to find the words to do it well enough.  When I begin to feel the lows creeping up on me I often turn to things that are sure-fire inspiration plugs for me.  Whether its calling up my mom to get some of that southern “mama wisdom” or searching the internet for inspirational quotes, or even getting tips of how other writers manage to blast through these stages of writers block or moments of doubt and creative inhibition. 

But no matter what plan I have, I know that staying positive and keeping positive energy around me is key to me accomplishing the goals I have set for myself (and surviving the wild jungle of publishing). 

So when you feel yourself getting down try to have a place set in your mind where you can go (mentally, spiritually or physically) that will get you back on track and moving again. 

Something I really enjoy and it helps to refocus me when I’m not in a particularly chipper or creative mood is to find and collect quotes and inspirational passages that I can write down and post some place I can always see when I need to be reminded that even the greats had their moments too.  Things that make me laugh are a really HUGE booster in getting me refreshed.  And watching inspirational films is something I really enjoy.  The stories of real people who have struggled but still manage to come out on top in the end, which sounds kind of hokey, but this is what helps to get my juices pumping and flowing again. 

And on that note and in the spirit of sharing and inspiring, I thought I’d share one of my favorite pick-me up scenes from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness.

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