Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And THE CREED Makes Three

After a few weeks of being on the fritz with my writing I finally feel like I’m getting into some form of a routine that involves actually writing/editing.  But in all honesty, editing is my absolute least favorite part of the writing process, though I understand it is totally necessary especially in my case (with my butter-finger writing abilities).  What can I say?  My writing doesn’t sparkle and shine from the words “Chapter One”. 

I’m currently working on my 3rd full-length novel, which is book one of a supernatural thriller series that I’ve come to basically eat, sleep and breath to an almost pathetic extent.  The writing process for this particular story line has been particularly grueling for me being that before I started this TC, I wrote more in the comedy romance and women’s fiction genre.  The idea for TC actually came to me a little over two years ago, but like the worry-ninny I was, I was to afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone to try it out until one day something whammed across my metaphorical brain.  And when I finally worked up the nerve to run my half-brained idea by my husband and he actually thought I had a good idea.  But even still, being the perpetual scaredy cat that I am, I was still unsure of my writing ability and if I really had a story to tell in length.  So I sat on the idea for another year or so, occasionally jotting down any thoughts or details that came to mind that could ultimately convince me that this was a real story in the making...until one day it finally said, "I'm smart. I'm pretty. And gosh darn it, I AM A WRITER!"

And so THE CREED was sort of born out of that and another idea I’d had that was staged in the future and was more post apocalyptic.  But somehow, the character Ava popped into my head one day and then she just wouldn’t leave me alone.  So I became a bit more intentional in my brainstorming and in writing down any ideas or details that would pop into my head.  But it’s been quite a long journey that I finally feel is past the half way mark.

But there is still lots more work to be done and a great deal more time and research to be had at getting published as I’ve long wished to be.  So…we’ll see how this cookie crumbles!

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