Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Author shout-out to JOSEPHINE ANGELINI!!!

Hey Readers!!!

I have some exciting news that I just had to share with you about a fellow writer who is on the cusp of debuting her first YA novel STARCROSSED on May 31st!!! YAY!!! It's always an exciting thing when you get to witness someone living out and fulfilling their dreams.  So, I wanted to send out a HUGE congratulations to Josephine on such a monumental feat, and also to say how very touching and inspiring her publishing story was to me.  

For more on Josephine's story check out this article at mediabistro.com.

And if you haven't already, then you should plan to pick up a copy of her new debut novel, STARCROSSED, the first of her teen trilogy in bookstores on May 31st!

And pop over to her blog and read about the BIG news and her fun GIVEAWAY!!! 


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