Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday the 13th!

I have to say that this has been an interesting week…one of highs, lows and random bursts of emotional crying in between, but other than that, piece of cake! :-)

I have been painstakingly combing through my manuscript, at a turtle pace, and am pleased to say that I have actually made some progress in my quest. HURRAH! All is not lost.  So things are creeping along as they should be, and I'm really staring to get ramped up about my pending deadline.  I think I will actually make it!

But I'm feeling so-so on the whole plot adjustments, but mostly I'm working to get this as tight and flowing as seamlessly as I possibly can.  But to treat myself after a week gone so chaotically well, I'm going out on the town with the husband to stuff my face with some good food, drinks and hopefully enjoy some great entertainment.  I hope everyone gets the chance to do the same.  Breaks are such a lovely and necessary part of this process...and life! 

Can we say, SIESTA! Haha!

But on the whole, it was a productive, if not thoroughly chaotic week.  I will admit that this has been the one of the most intricate story plots I’ve ever attempted, and out of all the stories and ideas that I’ve worked with, the hardest to get through.  Not because I believe the story sucks (I wouldn’t be writing it if I thought it did) but because I’m really pushing my boundaries as a writer for the first time with this one and my limits with my commitment to complete this entire series.  But I feel confident that I’ll be satisfied with the end product, published or not, once its all said and done.

But I will survive. I’ll keep fighting that good fight.  And then maybe someday (hopefully before I’m dead) I’ll finally achieve that ultimate shiny dream of getting published.  And touching that scalding hot page straight of the printing machine (sizzling burning flesh)…*sigh*.  That is, if I can continue to talk myself out of giving up this crazy scheme of being a writer each and everyday I open that file.

But yes, it looks to be a nice relaxing plan free weekend ahead for me.  So until next time…stay thirsty my friends & I love cupcakes!!!

And this is my new slogan!

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