Friday, September 9, 2011


I can't believe it's already Friday!  It literally feels like the days and weeks are just slippin' away from me. *sigh* But nonetheless, HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! Lot's of fun news and great announcements today.  You know, ever since I began #BNFF (BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY) I've spent more time actually looking for new writers & scouring book lists for new authors than ever before.  It's a beautiful thing folks. But this week I think I hit the jackpot again.

So let's do this...


My first BNFF author I'd like to introduce to you is both a writer & a screenwriter (yeah, he's pretty awesome). Will Entrekin is a Pittsburgh-based writer.  His latest novel, THE PRODIGAL HOUR is the mind-bending coming-of-age story of 9/11 survivor Chance Sowin and his journey into time travel, love, and the mysterious murder of his father.  THE PRODIGAL HOUR has a solid 5-star rating on Amazon and is being called an "audacious, genre-bending novel".  Copies available at Amazon and in paperback. **I already have mine!**

Site: & Twitter: @WillEntrekin

My next BNFF is Elise Stokes, author of the CASSIDY JONES ADVENTURE series, who currently lives in Bellevue, Washington with her husband and four children.  Yes, this is a very busy lady! But her book CASSIDY JONES ADVENTURE AND THE SECRET FORMULA the first book of her series has received numerous 5-star reviews from its reader on Amazon.  So if you're looking for a well written adventure story then check out the CASSIDY JONES ADVENTURE series. Now available at Amazon and B&N.

Site: & Twitter: @CassidyJonesAdv

My last BNFF is YA author Jamie McGuire, creator of THE PROVIDENCE series (available on Kindle & NOOK) who currently lives in Enid, Oklahoma.  Her latest novel BEAUTIFUL DISASTER is the heart tugging love story of Abby Abbernathy a reformed "good girl" and Travis Maddox the proverbial campus bad boy.  Rated a 5-star read by a majority of its readers BEAUTIFUL DISASTER is being called "Heart-wrenchingly Real" "A guilty pleasure!" and a read you'll be "Up All Hours Finishing...". BEAUTIFUL DISASTER is available at Amazon & B&N.

Site: & Twitter: @JamieMcGuire_


Tonya Hurley is the author of the NYT best seller GHOSTGIRL series..."This beautiful song was written by Tonya for the book and performed by Polly Scattergood with additional production by Vince Clarke. Tonya is also a filmmaker. ghostgirl is a NYT bestseller. For more information about Tonya's books, visit"

***To view more YA book trailers, visit

Well, I hate to say it but that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this week's featured authors and book trailer, and I hope you found the perfect read for your weekend reading.  Have a great weekend!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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