Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Musings

So for those of you who have only recently started visiting my blog, something you should know about me is the fact that not only am a writer with an almost obsessive love (some would even call it a passion) for both reading and writing. I'm also a HUGE fan of films and music.  And being that it's 4 am on a Sunday morning and my sleep schedule is completely off, I thought why not write a post about one of my favorite things. Music!

My Sunday morning tune:

Maroon 5 - "Sunday Morning"

I've been up most of the night listening to music and reading.  Things are typically pretty quiet around her at night, especially not living in the heavier traffic areas of the Dallas Metro area.  No sounds of police sirens, ambulances, gun fire...just peace and quiet. But while sitting her in the quiet my brain began (of course) wandering. And somehow I started thinking about how much I absolutely love music and creating playlists, and how it's been something I've done since I was a little girl.  And I don't mean just for the stories I write or for working out.

I mean for EVERYTHING!

Commutes to work, while I clean, cook, write, when I was in school it helped while I studied, and even while sitting here musing the night away. It's as if every moment in my life has a track. Sort of like I've made a MY LIFE soundtrack.  For instance, most Sunday mornings a Maroon 5 song comes to mind (yes, the one posted as "My Sunday morning tune") and I typically find myself humming or singing it during my morning shower, or while I putter around in the morning.  And its crazy because almost every major moment in my life I mostly recall only because I've somehow mentally associated/categorized it in my mind with a song that I like (or once liked) and even ones I absolutely couldn't stand but had become stuck in my head like a bad stench anyway.

Now being that I probably possess the WORSE memory ever, for me, music has been a total life saver. Somehow it's become one of the major keys to helping me remember most things I would have otherwise forgotten, being that I associate most memories, feelings, moods, and most creative moments with a song in some form or another.  Which is why I always have my ipod charged, with me, and ready to go most days.  I typically listen to music all day at work and usually whenever I'm writing, unless I have a movie playing in the background, and generally listen to just about everything. I definitely feel lucky to be living in a time where all sorts of diverse styles and eras of music are so readily accessible to me.

Thanks again, Steve Jobs.

So there you have it. Just a little more of me that I wanted to share with all of you.

Now it's your turn! What are some odd quirky things that have overtime become part of your life, daily routine or part of your creative process?

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


  1. Oh sweet goodness Miss Blaire I swear we could be related sometimes. I have to have music playing when I 'work' too. If it's laundry, writing, or the day job, I have music in my head if not always plugged in. DH thinks I'm odd when I spontaneously bust into song/dance cuz a tune was stuck in my head. Whatev!
    I have not broken life into playlists...yet...but I feel that day coming. Maybe when I take the plunge and upgrade my touretts inflicted Zune to an iSomething. I cannot work or write with a quiet mind. It's funny, but when it's quiet my mind will wander. When I have Ke$ha, OneRepublic, The Script, or even David Guetta in my ear I am able to focus on the job at hand. I get my groove on!
    Thank you for sharing, and as usual, love your posts!

  2. I am obsessed with music! My day would not be complete without it. My most recent app added to my phone is Pandora radio. I must say that I LOVE it! Bruno Mars' new song "It Will Rain" is currently my favorite. To be completely honest, I can't focus properly on writing unless I have something catchy playing in my ear. As usual, you hit the nail on the head with this blog!