Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well, I realize it's been a while (for me at least) since I posted anything, but I think I've finally found something worth posting about. So here's me cranking out a little something for those of you who actually make the effort to pop over and read my blog.  And to help set the mood for today's post I've also included...

My tune of the day:
Dean Martin - "Ain't That A Kick In The Head?'

As the title of today's post suggests, this is more of a random news sort of post rather than anything insightful or deep.  Basically I wanted to fill in a few gaps on what's been going on with me and my writing.  With one particular piece of news being that I have a tentative (but getting more solid everyday) plan to...RELEASE MY DEBUT NOVEL!!! *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!* and say, WHAAAAAAAAA?

Yes, readers, writers, and friends, I am (finally) taking the plunge.  I, Blaire Kensley, am working, plotting and planning very carefully the release of my debut novel, which I haven't officially titled yet, but am working extra hard to make it all come together and hopefully worth the wait.  And being that I am such a nice and wonderful person, I'll try not to keep you all in suspense for too much longer (I hope).  

Now for those of you wondering about my series, THE CREED, I am in fact still making serious re-writes and edits to it at present.  But I wanted to give you all a bit of hope in saying that I have a tentative release date for Book #1 set for Spring of 2012. Hollerrrrrrrr! You read right people, 2012 is gonna be a very big year (and no, it's not only because according to some Amazonian calendar it may very well be the last year EVER).   

Now I realize that is quite a bit to lay on all of you in a measly "lots of randomness" post, but that's sort of the world I live in. So welcome! And stay tuned for more coming information on my current WIP, which I will tell you falls primarily into the YA romantic-comedy genre.  So keep a firm eye out on my new "Writing" page, which is currently under construction for all the FANTASTIC surprises and goodies I plan to share with all of you in the coming future.

So as you can see I am a very busy bee, and December will definitely offer some very interesting surprises and reveals from, YOURS TRULY! Hooray! *throws confetti*  Now I will give you all another lovely hint and tell you that the FIRST reveal will be posted (hopefully, pending my act is still on it and with it) in mid-December. In which I will include an official TITLE & RELEASE DATE for my debut novel as well as a little something else, which I'll get to in a bit.  I know, I know so much mystery.  But I can't help it, this is just so much fun!

I am also crazy uber excited about the fact that...THE HOLIDAY'S ARE (almost officially) HERE!!! It appears that the holidays have well and truly kicked off.  I actually lost count last night of how many Christmas commercials I saw while watching the Kentucky vs. Kansas game. Which by the way, CONGRATS KENTUCKY!!! Wow, talk about an exciting game. But yes, the Christmas commercials and ads were definitely in full effect. *dances and bounces in chair to a holiday tune only heard in my head*

And lastly, I am SOOOOOOOO frackin' excited because as of today I officially hit the 100 BLOG FOLLOWERS mark! Woot woot! Seriously, I can hardly believe it.  But you know what? This only goes to show how truly awesome and amazing all of you are. And proves that your support is a huge part of what keeps me pushing, fighting, and clawing to realize my dreams.  So after a bit of back and forth, and as a way to show my gratitude and appreciation, I have decided to have my first ever blog GIVEAWAY! YAY! (Wow, I am seriously like the Queen of exclamation marks today.) So on the day of my TITLE & RELEASE DATE reveal post (which is scheduled for mid-December) I will also be having my FIRST EVER blog giveaway.  

What will I be giving away? Well...that is also a surprise.

But one that I promise you won't be disappointed in, because I definitely love and enjoy being generous to those who (too often) thanklessly support and encourage me day after day.  Now as for those who are actually interested in entering my little giveaway for a chance to win this MYSTERY prize, well...I will be posting all giveaway details in this week's BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY post.  So don't miss it! (Hehe. I know, I'm such a stinker.)

Whew! I think I may have overloaded all of you with all this crazy news. But I hope I've given you all something to chew on for a while, and that it has (some of you) as excited and pumped about the near future as it does me.  So stay tuned, peeps, because this train is about to leave the station and I hope you are ALL aboard!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


  1. Woooo! Go Blaire! I'm so excited; can't wait for the big Title & release date reveal!:D

  2. Hey Blaire! Glad you're taking the "plunge" on the debut novel. You go, girl!
    Looking forward to December in Blaire-World :) :)

  3. Great news and I love Dean Martin. Good luck in all your endeavors. Looking forward to more great news.

  4. You so crack me up chica! Congrats on the plunge news, that is beyond awesome. You know us followers will be drumming fingers waiting ever so patiently...well maybe not. *wink*

  5. Happy news, Blaire! So maybe this is why I haven't seen your word count tick up lately on NaNoWriMo? YAY! This is the best kind of excuse! :D I am thrilled to hear that you are SO close to releasing your debut! Can't wait to hear more about it in the coming days and weeks! Major suspense-o-rama!