Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo participant. Present!

So its seems almost everyone is either blogging, tweeting, and/or facebooking about NaNoWriMo. Apparently, IT'S AN EPIDEMIC! Hehe. Just kidding.

Having only heard about NaNoWriMo a few months ago I have to tell you there is something very exciting, yet totally FREAKING ME OUT about this whole crazy writing process. *sigh* I love it!

Oh, and if you haven't guessed yet, yes, I am a first year participant in NaNoWriMo.

Though by this point I have read TONS of blogs and tweets about how great some have found NaNo to be vs. those who feel very strongly about how awful they find NaNo to be.  And I have to admit there is always something in me that tends to rise up when I feel like someone is attempting to advise me that THEIR WAY is the best way for me to explore MY passions and MY art, by criticizing or bad-mouthing the alternative options.  And my response to that, without trying to give offense to anyone is simply this...STEP OFF!  Honestly, I have nothing against constructive criticism, but I am not a supporter of any form of bad-mouthing or giving bad reviews (friend, family, or other). Even when there have been times when I've VERY much wanted to do just that.

I'm of the opinion, if you don't have something nice to say then say NOTHING.  Of course this is simply a motto I try to live by, especially as a writer (not saying I always succeed, but I try). But I do realize that not all will agree with me on this nor will they find this to be a realistic or an effective philosophy to live by. 

But when it comes to MY writing I've always sort of rolled with the opinion that how I choose to write is MY choice, just how the way you or anyone chooses to write is THEIR choice.  The whole debate of NaNo being some trend or fad, may to some be a relevant opinion...BUT SO WHAT! I could argue that a lot of these arguments sound more like a few traditional mentalities clashing against something that they view as far too fun and a bit chaotic (aka. immature and amateurish) to be "real writing", and therefore believe it can't really offer any credible work to the literary world, so (in their opinion) has no place being associated with it.

I'd of course have to disagree. But hey, that's only my opinion. 

But from what I understand and am experiencing, NaNoWriMo has nothing to do with critics, publishing, profits, shareholders, mergers or best sellers lists or anything that gives or takes credibility from any of these things listed above. For me it's purely about a community of people, writers mostly, who get a chance to participate in something they love to do most with others who feel the same. Writing!  So maybe I'm missing the boat on this one, or I'm just over simplifying it.  But for me, the only objective I have in doing NaNo is simply to do something I love to do. Write.

So with that being said...I'm off to write!!!  Good luck to all my fellow NaNo'ers! May the force be with you.

For more information on NaNoWriMo you can visit the website.

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


  1. *gives cookies for Star Wars reference*

    I love NaNo, it's a mad mad mad world!!! And I love it. Last year I couldn't finish, because I went into labor but but but, this year I'm all in. Even if I'm having a very slow start. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion but like you, I think those who don't enjoy NaNo should just ignore it rather than bad mouthing it. I think it's a great experience for writers especially because we get to know other writers.

    Chin up, Dream Weaver!

  2. Thanks Lyn!

    And that's my feeling exactly. I have NO issue with people having opinions, but why make a big stink. Personally, I'm having a GREAT time writing my NaNo WIP & having met so many other awesome writers from this, I can almost positively say I'll be doing NaNoWriMo again.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Best of luck! I've known about NaNo for several years but this is my first year writing. You can buddy me if you want...

    Good luck and go get that 50K!


  4. Good luck! I thought that, that was the meaning of it also. Very nicely put. I will not be participating this year. I am way too busy, plus in the middle of my WIP. I do have a goal of making it to 50,000 words, though. (I'm at a little over 26,000 now, cheating I know. ;) )

  5. I loved that post because I see people pushing down their views, and to them everyone else is wrong. Fight the good fight, and never let them win.

  6. I'm with you, Blaire! To each his/her own. I don't understand why someone would get uppity about NaNoWriMo. Clearly it's just a fun way to get the creative juices flowing and throw off any feelings of self-doubt. How is that a bad thing? I figure, even if I don't make the 50K mark, it sure doesn't hurt to try, especially if I'm having fun. Like any endeavor, attitude is going to have a lot to do with your success.

    Like you, I heard of NaNoWriMo only a couple of months ago when I first started using Twitter. I decided to take my first run at the NNWM challenge this year because it sounded like a hoot and I'm curious to see whether I can do it. I've never tracked how many words I write in a day before when I really set my mind to it. (Plus it's an excuse to experiment with a new WIP.) I'm lovin' it so far!

    Okay, time to go hit the keys. Thanks for the post, Blaire! Good luck today!