Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Woman In Black" Movie Trailer

So as most of you know I am a HUGE movie addict. Seriously, the stuff is like crack to me, and to add to it I also really enjoy dark films. I know...I don't really fit the mold but there you have it.  I am really looking forward to this film.

Plus, I'm interested to see Daniel Radcliffe as someone other than Harry Potter.  Enjoy!

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe

"The Woman In Black"

Eeeeek eeeeek eeeeek! BAHAHAHA! So wicked. Gotta see this!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


  1. I can't wait to see this movie. He's an amazing actor. *nods*

  2. I am super excited to see The Woman In Black. This movie looks way freaky, but that good kind of freaky. Bonus that Daniel Radcliffe is starring in it. The trailer is awesome, already gets me shivering with anticipation for all the scary parts lol.

  3. I am not one for scary movies but this one does look really good. It is interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe in something other then Harry Potter. This might be a must see.