Thursday, January 19, 2012


Before I say ANYTHING else I want to first say...IM SO DEEPLY SORRY for the way I sort of faded out on you guys.  There's really no valid excuse. Life just sort of overwhelmed me and I just became consumed with other things that were happening around me. But the storm has passed and I'm ready to jump back into things. Let's do this!!!

My tune of the day:

Flyleaf - "Missing"

So yeah, I am back and am anxious to dive head first into what has always brought me joy. WRITING. I really have missed you all, and I hope I haven't loss too many of you while my life sort of took some unexpected turns over the last month. I feel like I've let so many of you down, but I intend to make it up to you not with words but with BOOKS! Hahahaha! So prepare yourself, because my MOJO is back!

So now for UPDATES...

Due to all the overwhelming nature of holidays, unexpected personal/family issues and distractions I've dealt with the last month or so, the release date of I LOVE YOU, SARAH LOGAN will be pushed back to March 1st. I know, I know...I'm thoroughly disappointed as well. But sometimes life has other plans and I need time to get back into the swing of things and do what I plan to do right.

But some good news is...I will be posting the cover, a summary, and an excerpt of my debut novel in the next few weeks in the "Writing" section of my blog. Woot woot!

Am beginning the cover art work for Book 1 of my THE CREED series.

Writing a screenplay! HURRAY! For which I must confess I enjoy writing almost as much as I do novels.

So there you have it folks! My back-on-the-bandwagon writer life in nutshell. Now let's get this train moving!!!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!!


  1. Welcome back B! You bring the BOOM, baby!! :D

  2. Welcome back!

    Ooh! A screenplay!

    I'm sorry about the release date of your book being pushed back. Good luck on releasing it!

  3. Great to have you back Blaire! I hope you and your family are ok!

  4. Woo hoo! Welcome back. Looking forward to your future bookish news/shares!