Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AUTHOR ALERT: Melanie Marks

I'm finding my groove people!!! And boy does it feel good to be blogging again. Still a little slow with the posts, but don't worry I'm getting back into the swing of things.

That being said...

For my first AUTHOR ALERT of 2012 I am REALLY excited and thrilled to introduce a writer that I, for the most part, accidentally stumbled across.  Haha! Now please don't let my random reading lifestyle detour you from reading further because I am pleased to introduce you to YA writer...Melanie Marks!!

*stands & claps*

Melanie was born and raised in California. She is married to a naval nuclear submarine officer with three "terrific" kids. With over sixty short stories published in various magazines Melanie has definitely created a nice cozy spot for herself in the literary world. 

I fell into serious like with Melanie after reading her long novella, HIS KISS (which I LOVED!)...it's a short but sweet YA romance.

"His Kiss"
"Ally’s world was totally on track: the right boyfriend, the right school activities, the right plans. But then she is bribed into kissing the school “bad boy.” And now nothing is right. Nothing! Because all she can think about is … His Kiss."
HIS KISS is available now on Amazon! GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!

Now unlike most of the writers I've met in the last year on twitter, I actually came across Melanie while perusing Amazon for something to read one quiet afternoon and let's just say I wasn't disappointed. Melanie has a fun, light, and witty style of writing that I find suits the reader in me perfectly, especially on a nice quiet afternoon.

For more information about Melanie and her work please visit her website. You can also follow her on twitter (@ByMelanieMarks).

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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  1. Wow!!! What a nice post! I'm glad you "stumbled" on my book! :)