Friday, October 21, 2011


Well, it's definitely been quite a week, and I must confess I'm a little on the burnt out side.  But not in that, "Ugh, I'm SO exhausted. And if you don't get your hand off that body part in about two seconds you're gonna lose it!" sort of way. More like the, "CRAP, there's so many AWESOME things I want to do and wish that there were five of me instead of one so I could do them all!" sort of way.

*Que creepy off-key caffeine induced laughter*

Clearly it's been a pretty good week.  No, make that a great week.  We had some wonderful weather, and I even managed to clock in some pretty good productive time on my manuscripts (hurrah!), as well as watching the opening games of the MLB's WORLD SERIES! Woot woot! Go RANGERS! *ahem* So, with today being basically the wrap up of this fantastic yet semi-crazy week, I thought I'd sort of break form a bit and only feature two authors for today's BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY post.

So without further ado...


My first #BNFF author is simply a sweetheart with a wicked creative mind.  Jennifer N. Simas is the acclaimed author of the series Until Dawn.  Her debut novel, UNTIL DAWN: LAST LIGHT being the first book of her series, which readers are calling "A must read!" and "An excellent start to a new series," that "...will leave you wanting more!"

With a 4.9 firmly held rating on Amazon, this ROCKSTAR gal is definitely proving she has what it takes to be a solid bestseller. 

Jennifer's book is now available at: Amazon.

"Until Dawn: Last Light"
"When darkness falls, whose side will you be on?

For the past six years, Zoë has been anything but “normal.” Struggling to accept her immortality, she finds herself thrown into a war that’s been waging in the shadows for over a thousand years. Zoë must now become who she was meant to be, joining the other Chosen to save what’s left of humanity.

When the endless night falls over the Earth, will she be able to save the one man who reminds her what it is to be human or will it be too late?"
If you want more then check out this teaser!

BONUS: Check out Jennifer's suh-weet book trailer for UNTIL DAWN: LAST LIGHT!

For more information about Jennifer you can visit her blog or follow her on twitter (@AuthorJenNS).


WARNING: This author may cause uncontrollable laughter that could induce involuntary muscle spasms, which could THEN lead to massive loss of bodily fluids. Pee, people, I mean PEE! You've been warned.

My last author is a lady for whom two words instantaneously come into mind...FREAKIN' FABULOUS! That's right, Jenna McCarthy is, to put it simply, one of the realest and by far funniest writers I've ever encountered.

A writer of non-fiction, Jenna is an internationally bestselling author that has, over the past twenty years, had her work featured in over fifty magazine.  A candid writer of life, love, marriage, parenting and all the funky parts in between, she is definitely a chick who will give it to you straight with a style and flavor that's all her own.  A self- confessed social media addict, who blogs regularly for iVillage, Betty Confidential, and many others, Jenna currently lives in Santa Barbara, California. 

 "If It Was Easy, They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing A Honeymoon: Living With and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married"
 "Jenna McCarthy presents an uproarious but insightful peek behind the curtains at the unholy state of matrimony. With ballsy wit and bawdy humor, she explores everything from male domestic idiocy and the frustrating misfires in spousal communication to how to stay true to the peskiest of vows: forsaking all others. Part in-your-face guide, part brutal confession, this book is a must-read manifesto on surviving marriage in an age when everyone seems to live forever and getting a divorce is as easy as ordering a latte." 
BUY this laugh-out-loud book at: Amazon, B&N, Powell's, Books-a-Million and Penguin.

BONUS! Check out Jenna's brilliantly HILARIOUS book trailer:

"If It Was Easy, They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing A Honeymoon: Living With and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married"

For more information on Jenna and her books you can visit her website.  But for other stalker purposes you can also follow Jenna on twitter (@JennaWrites) and Facebook!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!

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