Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy Friday ALL!

I hope you've all had a productive and pleasant week! Because if you're anything like me than you're definitely ready to cut lose and relax for the weekend.  I'm personally extra excited about this weekend because of one particularly long standing tradition in this lovely old state of mine.

It's the RED RIVER SHOOT OUT y'all!!! Hook 'em Horns!  If you didn't know, now you know...I'm a Texan.  And for those of you who don't know, college football is sort of a BIG DEAL here, and the RED RIVER SHOOT OUT is one of the most anticipated games of the college football season in these parts.  So along with the Texas State Fair being in full swing things have been pretty nuts and crowded around here.

    The Horn's             vs.       The Sooner's

I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL! *sigh* Sorry, I really get pretty worked up about this stuff. Moving on!

For this week's BIG NEWS FEATURE FRIDAY I have quite an interesting group of authors that I'm proud to feature today.


This first author is not only a cool gal pal, she's also a great up and coming indie author.  Tiffany King is a graduate of Daytona State College, in Daytona Beach, Florida. A teacher by day and book fanatic the rest of the time, she is now pursuing her life-long dream as an author. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids.  Her debut novel MEANT TO BE, the first book in her Saving Angels Series, made a big splash when it released in March of this year, and is now FREE on Kindle.  Yes, FREE!   Her latest novel (book two of her series), FORGOTTEN SOULS released August 2011 and has received numerous 5-star ratings, being called "A beautiful story of good vs. evil", "Truly unique" and "A fantasy series not like any other series out there!"   

Tiffany's books are available at Amazon and  Barnes and Noble.

"Forgotten Souls"
"Any chance Krista Miller had at a normal teenage life is now gone. Less than a year ago she lived under the radar, avoiding any relationships that would send her emotional sensitivities out of control. Little did she know that her life was destined for something more. Something that will test her very soul. 

After facing certain death at the hands of the man responsible for their mysterious past, Krista and her friends learn the truth behind their origins and the purpose for their newly discovered abilities. Now, they must band together to fulfill their inherited, sacred duty. As Guides and Protectors, they must save Mankind's Forgotten Souls before they are lost forever."
 For more information on Tiffany and her books you can visit her blog and also follow her on twitter (@AuthorTiffany)!


This next author is most likely one of the funniest people I've come across in this wacky world of books.  Luke Romyn is a globe trotting Australian who has spent numerous years in the security industry and taking on a variety of other roles, which included protecting Mickey Mouse and the Disney crew from the overzealous jaws of tenacious toddlers.  But this best selling horror novelist definitely found his calling when he decided to change courses and write his first novel, THE DARK PATH.  Romyn's solid 5-star debut novel is being raved over by its readers, calling Romyn the "The 21st centuries newest master-of-horror".

THE DARK PATH is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble and Indie Bound.

"The Dark Path"
"New York's underworld quivers at the mention of his name. Evil courses through his veins like blood and his conscience has lain dormant for over a decade while he has slashed and burned his way to the top of the food chain. Vain. 

The Dark Man, born of torment into an existence of death. In the underworld of killers he reigns supreme. And yet he is chosen for a task of supreme benevolence. Why would he be selected to save a young boy, the Avun-Riah, and then protect him against a horde of enemies, both mortal and demonic? Because he is the only one with any hope of success. 

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have risen from the pits of Hell and, along with a fanatical army of cultists, are ranged against Vain. If the boy is slain then Sordarrah will be raised to destroy the Earth, a feat even Lucifer never managed.
Evil is being used to fight evil in the ultimate battle for the outcome of all existence. Armageddon sits upon the horizon and all that stands in its way is a man whose path has always been dark."
For more go check out the EXCERPT!

For more on Luke and his anticipated upcoming releases you can visit his website.  You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter (@LukeRomyn)!


And last but NEVER least I present to you all D.H. Nevins, author of the post-apocalyptic thriller, WORMWOOD that released Sept. 26 2011.  As a teacher she spent years encouraging students to write before deciding to follow her own advice.  WORMWOOD is her debut novel and is available at Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords (for all e-readers).  And this cover is seriously EPIC!

"Against a devastated landscape, a legion of one hundred fierce half-angels is hell bent on purging the Earth of all humans. But one of them, the tormented Tiamat, struggles against his mission, and when he rescues a beautiful woman named Kali, he finds the attraction as troubling as it is miraculous. Can Kali trust the one creature who could be responsible for her ultimate demise? Beautifully written and excitingly told, Wormwood creates a world that is as strange as it is compelling. Filled with brilliantly executed twists and turns on every page that are guaranteed to keep you guessing, Wormwood is one of the most exciting debuts of the year." 

Check out these sample chapters for more!

For more about D.H. Nevins you can visit her website and follow her on twitter (@dhnevins)!


This week's favorite book trailer award goes to the witty Luke Romyn for his debut horror novel THE DARK PATH. ENJOY!

Well, I'm off for now...but have a safe and pleasant weekend, and also HOOK 'EM HORNS!

Happy Writing & Happy Reading!


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    Bahaha. Although, all my friends said the State Fair was great! :D

  2. Hm.

    Well, I guess I won't hold that against you. ;) Yeah, we're still cleaning out the burnt orange stains from the Fair grounds after that slaughter.

    And I haven't forgotten about guest blogging. I sent you a message on FB.